Sunday, February 01, 2009

7 (friggin)Steps to...

1. Decide to dye your old dark-blonde hair back to basics the "healthy" way of henna.
1.1. Use the wrong henna. The kick-ass b.l.a.c.k. one that makes you look like you're wearing a wig.

2. Make your friend try to re-dye the kick-ass b.l.a.c.k to a gorgeous dark shade of ruby red that doesn't shoe because your hair's been henna'd kau-kau black.

2.1. Stress out a lil.

3. Wait 2 weeks before you decide to buy more bleach and attempt to re-do the whole mistake.
Bleach hair with hi-bleach for 4 hours to get it to a yucky orangeyellowblond. Leave no time for "error fixing".

3.1. Do the above on a Saturday before you have to stand onstage the next day.To ensure the "no time" rule.

4. Buy raspberry semi-permanent dye because the shop you drove to specifically for dyes had no other colors in permanent. Make sure it's 50% off. Also, buy a different commercial color (Bright Auburn) to mix match.

5. Mix & match for a whole day with the colors til your head hurts and you feel giddy from all the smells and reactions.

6. Be disappointed when it turns out looking mediocre.

7. Wait 2 days before you decide "ok this is NOT working, sista". And re-dye the entire section to....


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