Saturday, August 20, 2011

Superbass by Nicki Minaj (my superandom cover haha!)

hope you have a good laugh, at the very least, haha! =D


abstractarie said...

Hahahah damn cute la. Your "boppy" dance just before the choreography fail hahahaah *cibut* (PS cebut? cubit? I meant pinch)

Thash said...

Hi Joni, great video! I've a question though. Where did you buy that blue wig from, and how much did it cost? I'm dying to have a wig that's cut like that, but in a different colour. I just don't know where to look..The wig shops around Klang Valley generally have boring brown ones, but I want something whimsical. :)

joni lynne said...

Hey Thash, thanks for watching my video=) I got the hair from Thailand at a wholesale store. I go there now and then to stock up new clothes for my online store. Not sure where you'd find some here though, sorry