Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Faking It.
[19th Sept 2004]
I'm losing a litle bit more each day
All I hold close to me seems to slipping away
I'm looking for clarity
Would someone please be real
Do you really know me?
I only wanna hear sincerity
Don't ask me how I am
If you don't really wanna know the answer, or don't really care
Wipe away that look from your face
Coz' I don't need your symphathy
Reeking with pretense
Stop faking it
Go cite your poetry somewhere else
I'd rather not have been high at all
Then have you smash me down [down]
Can't tell where the truth ends and where the lies begin
Why say what you don't feel?
Would someone please be real
Pounding reverberations resound through my head
[and my veins through my skin]
Wishing you would take back everything that you said

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