Monday, April 16, 2007

Tammy turns 13 - April 8th

Rewind to last Sunday - Easter. Did I mention it was also my sister Tamara Jayne aka Tammy's 13th birthday [woohoo!].

We celebrated all the April babies with a lil lunch.So cute, right, the way Tammy blew the candles! hahaha. L-R : Naomi, Lydia, Kevin, Tammy
More pictures from this lunch HERE
Then on Wednesday, a few of her friends came to our house, woke her up from her afternoon nap, and surprised her.I don't have the picture of her sleeping before we woke her up, it's still in Bern's cam.

Josh doing his ketuk-ketampi as punishment for losing a game. Funny fella Neavean is like...sokong-ing him. hahah!
Then we all went to the pool.
I'm pretty sure she had fun.
The End.

Or not, coz look at this! Is BERNICE JESUDASAN ACTUALLY POSING?????

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