Sunday, April 01, 2007

New Joni Times: BJ rocks socks, SamOh history.

Question #1
Where was I born?
Kuching Correct!
Chiang Rai

Who wouldn't terasa if your BEST FRIEND who knew you since diaperdays,
says you're from KL. sheesh.

Question #2
I\'d rather...
do dishes
pop pimples Incorrect
kill flying cockroaches

I always say that i HATE to cook. And if you've never heard me say that, I implied it here.
i NEVER pop pimples, and
i'd kill running roaches, but flying ones are no-no.

Question #3
When I was three, I sang...
\"..with a great big hug, and a kiss from me to you..\"
\"..burunggggg kakak tuaaaaa...\"
\"..gee if I could only have my two front teeth..\"
\"..sometimes making chapatti, I do it all for Jesus, Jesus\" Correct!

If you went to Joni's MySpace, you can hear her singing this song.
At 3 yrs old:
Barney didn't exist,

Two front teeth would be a little too complicated to sing, dont u think?
Burung kakak tua wouldn't make sense.

Question #4
I don\'t have..
a hair dryer
an eyelash curler Correct!
gold earrings
hair spray

Do you think I need one, though?lol

Question #5
Once upon a time, I had a crush on...
Senior Guide Darren Teoh Incorrect
Piaree\'s friend Melissa
cucumber boy Larry Chew
Indon babe Naomi Uli

Most of you answered A, i think coz the words Senior Guide sounded glamor,maybe?
Some guys said Naomi, probably coz they liked the "Indon babe" part and hoped it was true.
but it's MELISSA. i thought think she's pretty cool.
Saying Larry is "cute" does not constitute for a "crush", Pet.

Question #6
I have never seen ________ perform live in front of me.
Black Eyed Peas
Michael Buble
Alicia Keys Correct!
Jackie Chan

This is because I was in SAE recording for NELVIE who got this question wrong too, despite me having told him that I missed her concert that same night.
If you wanted to know,
I saw BEP and Jackie Chan at the Forces of Nature concert, Buble in Bangkok.

Question #7
In my life, I have never..
driven a car
gotten a D in an exam
been pushed in a pool with all my clothes on
been in a hair-pulling catfight Correct!

I drove my dad's wagon on my 18th birthday, for fun without his knowledge.
I got my first and only D in History, Form 2.
I was pushed in the pool during another birthday.

Question #8
I am currently pursuing my..
Bachelor\'s Degree in Music Production
Bachelor\'s Degree in Audio Engineering
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music
Bachelor\'s Degree in Recording Arts Correct!

Ok so maybe this one was a lil tricky, but PaulTan did his homework and checked Myspace where the answer is written clearly.


joni lynne said...

I used Bern's answers.

Sam Oh was happy to be in the TopFive, to explain the headline.

Arielle, i have NEVER been in hairpullingcatfight. i think u confused it a lil.

i thought this would be a feelgood test coz most would get it right. apparently not. maybe i'll do an easier one.

PEtriNa said...

EH, you DID have a crush on Larry.
i can remember these words, "Since i'm going back to Thailand anyway... You can have him."

hahaha...So u didnt bother pursuing him or whatever.

And ok, i have to admit that i read Arielle's comments before doing this quiz... and her comments threw me off course. i would have gotten higher if i didnt read. i swear.