Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Most recent shots.

Why didn't I make a post for Pet's bday!?
anyway, while I wait for freetime, here are random shots from her parteeee

we played cranium..confusion and cackles galore
Free To Fall was thereee=)
Girl whom I bet is damn funny, Pui San, and....and...ok i duno why but i keep thinking his name is Maverick. how weird!=D


oh and this was last saturday. outside times square.
such a malaysian picture kan?

i had a valid non-shopping reason to go to midvalley on tues. which im sure u will find out about soon enough if u dont already know. haha *secret secrets*

but i had to take a few shots of the christmas deco la. at least for future reference on which were the best deco years...*nerd*

k, goodlord i am off to bed.

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