Wednesday, December 24, 2008

About two turtle doves

I guess a portion of me is jealous.
Like maybe I'm thinking, "Hey, how come she's getting away with that, but I was given hell for the same thing then?Not fairrrrr......"

Or "Why didn't I have the chance to take pictures together...?why does she get to leave evidence of what is all over??"

yes, whine whine whine.I know.

the real situation doesn't actually bother me; I think it's more of the comparison to my current state of status.

state of status.

go figure.

I kinda hope I meet her one day. I kinda hope I never meet her.
Yknow, in case she turns out to be the fun, smart, witty, brilliant, just-as-hot-in-real-life person she's been made out to be by them.him.her.

Coz THEN what would I do? I'd have to like her! and golly here I am trying to squeeze evidence of a reason to not like her.

haha. twisted soul.

yes, me.
the screwed up messy headed one.
the fickle

Upon the update weeks later: "oh. ok.sorry to hear that..*grin* "

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