Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two Jo's Wed. hahahah

I was at this huge wedding on Sunday. 800 people. 80 tables in SHANGRILA hotel.

Can you guess the color theme?

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the wedding reception of couple #1: Jo&Olivia.
Apparently they exceeded the 80 tables...This is The Wedding Planner.

These were at the entrance. Actually the one below not bad hor.quite narnia-ish with the lamps and all..
there was an ice carving too but i didn't manage to snap a shot.

My role in all this: Sing oldies.
I've become a wedding singer! =D
And this is the band.

"Getting the party started" at 6:30pm..

This is The Wedded Couple doing their first dance.
Oh, i MUST show you how they made their entrance.
MUST! ahahhahaha

There were 2 latin-ballroom dance performances. The other couple's female wore a very sexy outfit but she danced too fast for me to snap.

yea. so that was sunday evening.
They pre-recorded their voices, so they were lip-syncing to that la.mmhmm.

(I decided to post up the rehearsal instead coz can see more facial expression, there's bits of the actual one at the end too)

moving on.

In utter contrast to all that, was couple#2: Jochebed& Shaun's wedding, also pink-themed,also on the same day.
I only went for the wedding ceremony.
Shaun sang the bridal procession song. aiyo cry la cry EVERYBODYYyyy cry.

Somemore Jo so darn pretty.com.my/edu

On a vain note, I wasn't supposed to wear this. I was gonna break the theme and wear a blueish-greenish but more garden-y dress.
Then my mom kecoh. Kena marah sial!
"the ONEEEE day that someone requests you to make their day special......"

should have just listened to my instincts. suffer wei, pakai heels in soggy ground!
Dad/mom went for the dinner, where there was...bhangra???(so i heard)
Such a gorgeous bride laaaaaaaa!!!!Ok so I didn't take pictures.Lazy. Plus there were so many Pros all over with their big cameras so we'll wait for theirs la.=)

p.s. some of the last pics stolen off facebook=p

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