Friday, February 29, 2008


We got free ticketssss. Word of Advice:Get to know people who know people.=)

I fought with Leena over who was hotter/more charming/sexier (despite the fact that I had no idea what "sexy" really meant at 11yrs old) and we'd buy all their TAPES (yes, remember when life was about Sony walkmans and cassettes??)
How the heck did we carry tapes around? Gosh did we bring like ONE tape to listen to per day did it work? (sorry, I have sidetracked.)

They were still the same la. Still had the cheeky-boy thing going on.
And yet, grown up in a way (with wedding rings on some fingers shining for the unmarried 30yrolds to look gloomily at)
Unfortunately we were so far away, had to resort to zooooming and getting crap quality photos, or snapping at the SCREEN -_-"

Like so.
(but i wanted to show you his t-shirt. quite farnee ma)

This is the one I am always kutuk-ed about for liking then. I stopped liking him after a while, but at this concert, aiyoh they were all so..adorable (for lack of a better word)!!
Like, can just ADORE them, literally.Pet liked the bootyshaking.heheheh i like also. So unpretentious and ..funny.

I was highly amused and entertained.
Word of Advice #2: Girls, please don't bring/force your boyfriends to come for these things laaaa. Not only will you lose girlfriend-points with him, you put him through the torture of watching you be pathetic. Plus, he won't want to be SURROUNDED/SQUISHED by other similarly enthusiastic sCREAMING girls.
See?So unless your boyfriend knows allll the lyrics and wants to sing along...

like so,..Don't bring him.

We will happily shove him around and scream into his ears.Above: The scream-y half of the group
Below: Group pictureeeI enjoyed the night despite it being so packed that you were sharing sweat with everybody else.
I was surprised that Jane came!
and even MORE surprised when she started flirting with the ice cream man!
ooooooooAfter that we, of course, headed to AC. These two sisters are such characters la. look at their faces! hahahhahhaha..

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PEtriNa said...

I was wondering why you two DAMN LAYAN towards the ice-cream man. hahahaha...

Nick Carter will always, always be a favourite. Sigh.

I liiiike the Sebastian Sisters! :)