Monday, February 04, 2008

The One About Switchfoot

Warning: a gazillion pictures ahead.

The trip begins with Pet and WeiLoong in LRT
(aiyah should have taken pic of WL stuck at the station coz of rain hahahh)After a quick dinner, we headed to the already lonnnggg waiting line. We found friends to jump line with, and were smack in the middle.
To the right:
To the left:We had a lot of waiting time.During which Pet & I figured a way to sneak our cameras in. hee.
hahah Shaun! *cubit*Even when we got into the hall, we had lots of time..Miss Lydia Kwan (the Grace PJ wan) had VIP pass, so this is where she was..bugger.
of course, a big portion of the crowd consisted of familiar faces, as expected..All collages : Right click, "Open in New Tab". mucho bigger.Then FINALLY IT BEGINS!
Oh the excitement!!!First up was Love Me Butch.
But we'll let the pics speak.

Then Rina the 8TV chick came out to give free t-shirts..
Ok lemme explain one vital detail before you continue..
T.H.I.S was..So 98% of the pics were taken with the cam ABOVE my head, me on TIPTOES, while being squished between/by taller (basically everybody else la) bodies.

Next up was
They did a faster version of "No" from their first album, which was a great crowd-puller..
oh you must watch this! hehe

Ah. see this pic? Jon Foreman gave us ample time to get our cams ready before he jumped off the I took a quick pre-shot, then got poised for the jump shot....and whadayya know,I get this..gah!

moving on.
this guy was CRAZY amazing. LOOK! he played guitar, tambourine, three keyboards, maraccas, AND sang. syiokness.and this is the part where they held this pose for like.. a full minute?!
Salby says she saw the tamborine hand shaking..
It was so cool though, coz they had stopped mid-song, then after the long pause, they continued PERFECTLY. No glitches. awesomegila.Here Jon took the drummer's crashcymbal and started banging on it through part of a song.Then he SPUN around with it. like SPINNING nonstop for quite long la. I mean, you'd have fallen on the floor if you'd tried it. Confirm.
Of course he came into the crowd as well..twice, actually. The first time was clearer to me, but I video-d it instead. heh.
nah. the video where he's up-close (abt 2:20 into the vid) and we could almost smell his sweat.
Sorry about the cut halfway.

Magic-hand-manThis guy (Jon's brother or was that the other guy??) was rather interesting but too far the other side for me to snap..ya this is how close we were..oooooo, be in awe.Full album HERE
(didn't bother to put the other vids i took, not nice. so just a few clips eni)

I do love this shot!

After they left the stage, Pet and I couldn't resist snapping this..hehh
We would've gotten autographs and whatnot but look at this...So most of us resorted to snapping away from the side..

Oh it was a great concert indeed.

Now for John Legend and Incubus! SPONSOR ME!


Jeanna said...

Cool post! I really liked all the photos, Switchfoot is amazing in concert.

By the way, the guy with the bass (Tim) is Jon's brother. :P

P.S. You might want to check out my Switchfoot fansite,!

joanNa*::.. said...

haha i laughed at the part "saw the tambourine guy's hand shaking"
poor jerome..

but their pretty good posers.. as in the literal meaning of the word

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