Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Featuring...Petrina Thong

Why I Love Pet
(godforbid you spell it "PAT";I will clobber you.)

She's fun. She just needs semangat first, sometimes la.
Like the time she became half of the Bus Co. mascot..and how she teaches us the funniest games (only she can remember the rules)....haha, don't ask.She's exceptional because:
She earned NATIONAL BEST RANGER of Malaysia once..
..she does ChubbyBobby like no one else can =Dsee?everybody loves her chubbybobby!
(let me know if you haven't seen it, I'll make arrangements)
...She can dance!and she was considering picking up BASS guitaring (ok so forget the reason why she changed her mind..lol)
I thought she looked really good with the bass, though!(she can play drums, but I think she wants to keep that a secret until she c....oops.)

She's my do-crazy-things-with partner..Like this Genting daytrip that we decided (thru msn) to go on - the next morning.and this Penang holiday that I met her and some friends at (on my way back from Bangkok) which was....well, fun. heehehheehand the time she came with Arielle to Bangkok and we went to Pattaya..
(think "Gacuya", girls..LOL)Our love for music also sparks many awesome trips,
like RozhanRazman's OneNightStand..and the FORCE OF NATURE CONCERT which was The Best Concert We've Ever Gone For!
..where we were a little too close to cheapo Bai Ling..why didn't we see HER, instead, right, Pet?!and we watched Our Boyband perform live for the first time..Pet also is awesome because she somehow knows a lot of local celebs.. heheehehe
Andy a.k.a. DrummerBoy, of EstrangedJustin from AseanaPercussionUnit, whom we almost religiously go to watch during the Sunrise Jazz Fest in Mt.Kiara.
Ashraf Sinclair..and our comedians, The ComeBackKings..hahahThere're so many more reasons to love Pet, doesn't matter if you're hetero or butch, sixteen or confused..(hehehhehehehehehe)Her engaging smile is enough to cause second glances..but we can't put everything about Pet down on ONE post, can we..?
So here's to My Favorite Thong..
may you faster finish your degree and be free of that "vow"..heeeand to end this,
I think Pet's bootiful and TALL, and nothing like how SomePeople have sketched her here..(I couldn't resist, sowwwiiiieeee!!)
*berkelakuan sumbang*


PEtriNa said...


Why suddenly so sweet wan? hahaha...

Aiyo, i'm so touched. *grin grin grin*


And we did see Carmen Electra! She was standing right in front of me. hahah... I can't recall seeing Bai Ling though. I think i didn't who she was back then.

It would have so awesome if we had our cameras back then. SO MANY CELEBRITIES CAN DIE DOT KOM. Paula Abdul, Lance Bass, Jackie Chan... ahahahahha...

And actually right, now i actually kinda like short nails.(Cause with short nails, i can paint really funky colours without it looking tacky. haha!)
So maaaaaybe if i can get a teacher, i'd pick up bass. hahahaha...

Or maybe i can just ask that boy next to me to teach. aehaehaeaehaeheh...
And i don't have that picture... So i saved it. Thank you!



joni lynne said...

i didn't see carmen coz i didn't know her then. but we both saw bailing coz i pointed her out and she was bitching about her photographer's tag hahaha

YAAAAAAA OMG if we had our cameras thennnnn

my nails are darn short now coz they terkena hairdye that day so chopped them off. which means they'll be funkier colors til they grow out ,yayy (oh jst read that u said "funky colors" too hahaha)

batteries - check!
two GB of SD card - check!
two bestfriends to scream with - Check!