Monday, November 26, 2007

The One Night Stand.

The Event: Rozhan Razman Band - ONE NIGHT STAND.The Place:
(Wonder if the name is purely a marketing tactic..or actually has good reason)The man himself, Rozhaaaannnn, who was my lecturer in ICOM a few years back.
I wish I'd taken advantage of his availability then (IN TERMS OF BASS LESSONS & LOCATION), coz now he's based in Boston and only came back for Hari Raya hols.

His trail of ridiculously talented friends with whom he collaborated included...

Mia Palencia - who makes jazz singing look so easy you'll be fooled into attempting jazz songs afterwards only to find you suck in comparison.
Pet's object of ubertalent-lust,
and Amanda's object of...well, just lust. hahahah....
John Thomas,
drumming never fails to loosen a few buttons in the audience.

and there was Wan a.k.a. Gigi

who was good too, but constantly in our view of Rozhan and John!

BUT, my fave mention of the night would have to be this Japanese chick!!!
Introducing Rie Tsuji - Beyonce's keyboardist!
She's worked with Beyonce for more than a year and just came back from her tour.Seriously, how much better could it get?! She must live a dream life.

Did I mention her boyfriend is Rozhan himself?
It completes her dream life, it's only natural.


Ok so I still wanna post pics of her..

Here she is in Brown Sugar, my FAVOURITEst jazz bar in the real Bangkok.
She was so so good at keyboards - I can honestly say I have never seen anyone hit it like she did, using so many funky pads and NAILING that pitch bend knob!! *in awe*All in all, the gig was fantabulous - they DID blow our brains out as the Facebook flier boasted. (haha)
P.S. I went with Pet and Darren. Pet also blogged about it HERE.

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