Friday, November 16, 2007

Semua yang terhenti tanpa ku akhiri.

I don't like it when you press "Stop" in the middle of a song.
I'd rather you turn the volume down slowly THEN stop.
I guess I need a nice conclusion. Or the illusion of one.

I wrote this post more than a year ago. I feel the need to add to it.
I think these lyrics are just beautiful, a perfect Indon rhyme.

Kau hancurkan hatiku, hancurkan lagi,
Kau hancurkan hatiku tuk melihatmu
Kau terangi jiwaku
Kau redupkan lagi
Kau hancurkan hatiku tuk melihatmu

Membuatku terjatuh dan terjatuh lagi

Membuatku merasakan yang tak terjadi
Semua yang terbaik dan yang terlewati
Semua yang terhenti tanpa ku akhiri

*Peterpan's 'Ku Katakan Dengan Indah'*

I liked that last verse & line. A rough translation :

Making me fall and fall again
Making me feel what was not
All the best, and all that's missed
All that's stopped without me ending it.

Like that abrupt feeling I get when you press Stop without warning.
When you don't end what you started.
The it's-gone-but-somewhere-inside-you-feel-something feeling
like a thin silver thread of web. hardly visible, but there nevertheless.

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