Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Filler post of the week.

I went to watch Chicago the musical last night. It was..........okay eni lor. I expected more out of it, probably coz I was comparing it to the movie. Maybe it was because we were in the back section so we couldn't really experience the expressions and smell the sweat. haha

But I dunno, even my cousin who's gone for more musicals said there have been better ones.
The acting was good, the orchestra was fun, but something lacked - i'm not sure what exactly.Maybe they should have updated the script. But then, maybe I shouldn't have expected it to have been updated.
But then right..., even without being updated "Oliver - the musical" was much better than this. and that was a KID'S show!

ok i DID like "Mr.Cellophane" - always kinda liked that song.. and the actor did a good job portraying his character.

and to think the ticket was RM250. anyway, i managed to get lost between KL Convention Hall and Suria KLCC at about 10:45pm. and i was alone coz my cousin had followed her friend home. and mom, if u ever read this, don't worry, i made sure I walked near people.erheh.

And for some reason I was really sleepy halfway thru and actually dozed off for a minute!! Now that is rare. Even if it's a boring movie, I'm usually fine - i NEVER fall asleep.

I've been so so tired still. I dunno why! anybody got some...speed or summin'?=D

Tomorrow I'll be back in Genting for Round 2 YAYYYYYYYYYYYY I've never been so happy about going back to work.

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