Monday, November 05, 2007

i'm so tired.
it's a mental thing, i think. yknow when you get back to reality and realize it sucks?
Despite the drama we had, i felt so much better up in Genting.
i didn't have time to think about anything else, i was really happy.

isn't that strange though, coz you think you're happy, then you change your scenario and your perception changes that bit.

i want to go back up to my high, even it's short-lived.
my head has been exhausted the whole day, my nose got leaky all of a sudden this morning.
sorry ya, i promise a better post next week.with happy face pictures.

i loved making new friends though. it was SO refreshing!

1 comment:

PEtriNa said...

It will be all worth it.

Since this has been so heavily publicized, it will look damn good on your portfolio.

Plus, there's all your extra, umm... joys, in doing this.