Sunday, October 21, 2007

A slow social death.

"so how so how, can help with the dance pleasssseee?I really need support!"

"aiyoh I really wish I could la, I miss dancing so much! but I got those two weeks working in Genting and that's even less days to work on my projects and thesis.."




"Come Singapore with me lah, just spend a day there, we'll drive!"
"arghhh I wish I could!last time we went many YEARS ago?!"

"Your laptop warrantee is over edi, youknow right?"

"So how much will this cost?"

"Basic fee is RM100....and we'll need at least 3working days..maybe by Wed/Thurs"

"Can it be earlier,pleeassse?I have assignments to do!"

"I'll try lah........"


"..and my hearthead hurts.."

"I really dunno what to say, Joni..I really dunno what to say"

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