Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Day in Genting.

So we decided (at 2am) to go to Genting 11am. We planned to leave on the 12pm bus, but it was FULLY BOOKED so we had to take a 1:30 bus instead.No idea why there was such a looonnnng line at the cable cars - and in Genting in general. It's a Tuesday for heaven's sake - don't you people WORK?!=DOne of our first stops was the superman ride - Flyingsomething.
I'll let Pet tell you about the drama that happened....After the 45min entertainment there, we took a long walk in search of the coldest air and nice poser spots.Look! A lawn gnome!*rawrrr*I like this picture of Pet - her expression and the background suits each other.=)
Spot the Joni.I'm also a part time Greek statue did you not know?Our journey led us towards a nice smell - hot keropok lekor! yummmmMMM..I wanted to take pictures in all the hotels' toilets after this one that was awful to behold. But we ran outta time.We sat on the dirty floor to try to make this reflection picture as clear as possible - oh the things a photographerposer will do for the perfect pictureAt about 6, it finally got really cold!We had to leave at 7 to catch our 7:45 bus, rained during our ride back in the cable car.
I had a good day - Genting has my kinda weather. Cool but moist enough so you don't dry out like when you're in an air-con room. I hate that.
Anyway, we arrived a little too late for me to take another bus back to USJ, so I stuck my contacts in a teacup of water and stayed at Pet's instead. (and all contactlense wearers gasp in horror) =)


Jianz said...

Hey... you got nice picture! Is really really nice... I neve spot such cool place at genting!

Bern_bern said...

good you finally managed to go to Genting! looks like you and Pet had lots of fun, taking pictures..and enjoying the weather. I must say that the pictures are really good, considering the fact that you didn't have a photographer(behind the camera).heeheh.. cool!rather fascinating!

Bern_bern said...

i especially like the 4th picture-pet&you by the tree.(how did you manage to take at that angle with no photographer?) also, pet and the sky is a classic shot, then..Spot the Joni is ingenius! hahaha;)

joni lynne said...

hehe, thankiuu..
yea it was a good breathing time, and we tried to take fun shots, it's harder without a photographer!
bern, we put it on pet's bag to take that one. i also like the one with pet and the tree where she looks like a she's huge compared to the mountains.hehe

PEtriNa said...

i REALLY almost drank that cup of water okkkkkkkkk!

Good thing i checked inside the cup and saw the contact lenses.

I woke up and was feeling really thirsty and saw the cup and thought, "Hey! Got water! So nice!"

*SarahLim* said...

i really like the pictures and i really wish i was there. so nice and random best friend time.

glad you two had fun. especially you joni. =) since u rarely get to hang out n stuff.

joni lynne said...

aiyo pet, i purposely put it AWAY from the makeup table just in case you had that very thought!! AHHAHAHAHAH
good thing you didnt drink my lenses. although, that would have made a funny story.

yar sarah, i'm glad i had that timeoff. now back to reality (boo)
you shoulda come too, then we'd have even NICER pictures!!hehehe MUAhhhh