Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Joni invents recipe. wait, what?

hee. Ok so I attempted what was originally called "Bailey's Truffles"...Tak Jadi.

Because I went to buy ingredients, THEN realized I had no idea how to convert grams into ounces.
and didn't buy enough chocolate. brilliance.

So after realizing that it wasn't gonna happen, I made chocolate cake instead, and layered the Bailey's truffles mix into the cake, and


B a i l e y 's C h o c o l a t e C a k e.
ok so this isn't MY cake, but it's the closest I could find online since i don't have camera

NOTE: Nobody was sent to hospital in the making,baking NOR eating of the aforesaid cake.


PEtriNa said...


Bern_bern said...

hmm..yumyum.. *wonders when the rest of the world will ever get to taste the delicious looking cake* i know that's not the exact picture but i'm fully confident you can bake!or cook. hahahehe..
somehow you have to if marriage's on your mind.hehe;)

joni lynne said...

CHOI CHOI bernice!!!
marriage is NOT EQUIVALENT to cooking-abilities ok..
terasa sial.

nelvie said...

oh u mean u havent tasted it Pet?
such a waste! it tasted really good.. haha