Tuesday, September 11, 2007

50hours NonStop Drum Action sets its record.

Sunday evening, some of us headed off to Sg. Wang to watch the final half hour of the 50hours NonStop Drum Action event by DrummersForChrist. Basically, they wanted to set a record to celebrate our 50th Year of Merdeka. As the title suggests, various drummers from all over took turns on three drumsets, playing for 50hours straight non stop between Friday 4pm - Sunday 6pm.The event was graced by the presence of 8TV's celeb faces - Asha, Belinda, and Rina who was the only one who looked genuinely excited about the whole thing.
The two clowns Agnel and Kysern of Altered Frequency were MCs too.
But actually we went to support Aubry Chong who played during the concert that followed the 50th hour.He played under a band called Zeal.The event had quite a few random spectators, and attracted many a rempit that passed by on the road..
It poured halfway through the concert, unfortunately, so we had to rush for cover. We headed off to dinner while waiting for the rain to stop.
Bernice & Sharon
Sharon, Joni, Eunice, Bernice, AUNTIE Catherine.The Kinks, as Pet puts it.chak

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