Saturday, September 01, 2007


So ridiculous. And the irony is that I've been CHEERFUL happy these past two weeks. I mean, you'd think that a person would get messed up if they were depressed or sad or something right?

sheesh. So I've popped another cherry here. NOT happy about this one at all. I hate breaking my own rule.

BUT, at least now I know it'll never happen again for sure. Coz last time when I said that, I would always have this uncertainty about myself for some reason. And now that I know how lowdown it feels, I can be assured that this time, if I say it won't happen, it won't happen.
Thank goodness for that at least.

For everything else, MALU SIAL.
Thank you Pet, Paul, Yohan, and ...*swt* whoever else.

Lesson learnt.

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