Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tammy makes her dance debut,Neavean steals show.

Event: Grace Resource Center's Rally, Friday 7th Sept '07. Their first.
So the highlights were the three performances, Darren&Justin's Act, GRC USJ's dance, and Klang's skit. We all looked forward to the dance because it was the debut for a number of the dancers. In fact, that was the only reason I went. heh.

The outcome: The dance was fantastic! The first-timers did very well, the pros did an excellent job of training them up. GOOD JOB, LYDIA on the choreography!!
Everyone has to admit though, that the real show stealer was Neavean Reuel. He made all the girls, young and old, scream and do the whole "OMG SO cUTEeeee!!!" thing..

And he deserved it because ...let's face it, he really was adorable to watch.Tammy sorta "introduced" the boys into the dance...And here they are cheering Neavean on to his solo.(ya, he did a SOLO)Darren&Justin Act. They did something similar to the dance in Transit's Open Mic sessionBut they changed a coupla things...I found it quite amusing that Justin did that nonsense dance right after leading worship..And here's Naeden trying to....um..whoknows.Overall, the rally was a success if anyone asked me.
No doubt about this though:

Show Stealer of the Night Award goes to....Neavean Reuel Ng. *cubittt*

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