Thursday, February 21, 2008

The bright ideas

I wanted to start singing and dishing out songs when I was 18. I was so pissed when someone asked me what my rush was. Take it slow, you have your whole life ahead.
I trudged through the last bits of Vocabulocity and John Knox (haha, homeschoolers' stuff) but glided smoothly into the freedom of living on my own.

Oh the two years I spent here in Malaysia between 18-19 were enlightening and highly educational, for sure. The bright concept at the back of my mind was to self-educate. I got streetwise. I got back on track with my friends. I got passion!
The passion I had somewhat lost in ChiangRai. Or maybe never had to begin with.

Then I swung into the lifestyle of Bangkok-living! The rush! The she-males! Between major concerts and underground liquid-infused music, I adopted yet another genre of life. My bright idea was to bring back a new Joni who could understand music better. A Joni who could also take you around the city and ensure you tasted the oysters.(haha. oh shush, y'all)

Bright Idea #422 resulted in Shitty Thesis Paper.

And here we are now at Speed 5, still stuck at Level 1. Geez, even my maternal clocks are starting to tick and I haven't even started a career. (no no, do not be alarmed, I am merely being hyperbolic)

I can't wait to kickstart. Maybe this time, I won't need to turn the lights out.
I can't wait to kickstart. Your hand in mine would be nice but even if it's not, I'll be ok.
I can't wait to kickstart. But I'll be honest. I fear.
I can't wait to kickstart. Here comes another Bright Idea.

p.s. much apologies for this verbal-migraine.

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