Sunday, February 10, 2008

Of oystered kitty pots.

A: Then wear skirt la.
Miss L: Don't want. Later get groped.
A: What's the difference if you wear shorts then?

Miss L: Well if kena grope also won't kena the... oyster.

A: *haahaa*


Miss L: I think if we're talking about a woman's vagina, "oyster" would sound more relevant than "pussy".

G: Where got! Pussy sounds cute. Oyster sounds...

Miss Peppermint:
"Can someone please come up with a nice sounding name for female genitalia?
("OYSTER" is not a more relevant name!)

Think about it... Every name there is for the southern region just doesn't sound right. Very unsexy.
Suggestions anyone?"


Mom: Last time granny used to warn us in riddles.."You know the claypots....once broken cannot put back again wan ar.."
Granny: *matter of factly* Ya, true what..crack already how to put back?

Miss Terminator: Ya Joni, watch your claypot.


PEtriNa said...

hahahhaha... Watch your crackpot indeed.

Eh, claypot, i mean. ahahhaha...

But that's too hard.

jared said...

sam oh came up with yeah...he was shy, or smth, to say the proper term. =p