Tuesday, August 28, 2007


haha. So Saturday night a bunch of us went to the Sunrise Jazz Fest. Pet, Sarah and I go almost every year to watch the Aseana Percussion Unit (APU) coz well, they're fun to dance to. haha.
Our target band used to be Groove Unction but they've kinda...I dunno actually.
I mean, Mia Palencia's pretty much solo now, John Thomas has his Funk Mob, Rozhan is still in the States, so I assume they've split? They were the absolute best then, though..

Anyhoo, this picture's about Justin (guy in red pants) the cause of Sarah Lim's throbbing heart the past 5years or so..he's a percussionist from APU. lol, too bad you can't see his dreads, they define him kinda. Lydia Kwan is a new fan as of last Saturday.=D

Update: oh ya wanted to put the older jazz fest pics with justin also.haha. you can see his dreads much better here.

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