Wednesday, August 01, 2007

How To Pierce Your Ear For Free.

1. Mood, mood, mood. Make sure you are with a group of supportive good friends, preferably at 3am in a home setting.

2. Get an honest description of the piercing experience from a best friend who has just pierced-for-free a few days before.

2.1. You may get distracted by other stories involving piercing experiences.

3. Get an analysis of how it will look and whether it suits you..The female perspective will do you good.

4. Pick your piercer wisely. The female is again, probably the best choice.

5. Now we get to the fun! Dot your potential hole with a pen.

6. When you have your perfect spot, apply alcohol to the earlobe. You may also consider numbing the lobe with ice before applying the alcohol.

7. Pray.

8. You are allowed to worry a little at this point. But don't.

9. Instead, have some fun with your nervous piercer. Pretend to scream in pain right before she pierces your lobe.

9.1 Have a good laugh at her when she screams in fright because she knows she is about to inflict pain and is already nervous.

10. Get serious, she will probably do an okay job. What's the worst that could happen?

(No pictures of actual piercing taking place because photographer was too busy watching in awe)
11. When it is all over, both piercee and piercer should pose for a picture displaying their Great Accomplishments.
Then a picture with the best friend who also got pierced-for-free by the same piercer. You know he's proud of you.

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