Sunday, March 02, 2008

A tiny panic attack.

Ok, so I'm supposed to sing two songs this Friday in Malacca. Interschool-something.
I can only use piano or guitar, coz there's already 4bands and they want something more acoustic.

What songgggs to dooo???

So far the suggestions have included:

- Alicia Keys (but nobody suggested a particular song)

- Smashmouth ("All Star". hahhahaha)

- Paramore (Misery Business, acoustic version) but Free To Fall is performing TWO paramore songs edi..

- Flyleaf (but now that I can't use the band, no point)

- John Legend ("Again")

- Third Eye Blind

...someone hellppppp. I have two days to practice.


PEtriNa said...

What kind of emotion/mood/tone you wanna create?

I can't tell from your possible line-up. hehhe...

joni lynne said...

well, i DIDN'T want to be all girly-emo-piano-ish. but then i was told not to use the band coz already got 4 bands.

anyway, i just practiced Fences - Paramore, and Unwritten - Natasha B.

now i kinda want one piano song. FICKLE PROCRASTINATOR.COM