Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Cameronian Art Awards nominees' party

...where I was "accompanist" to The Three Bitches as they called themselves (and Fahmy announced them as that too, much to our amusement.

Where: Alexis, The Gardens
The OneSongWonder (or at least, that's what it was to ME la..lol)
Lainie used my camera for the night, so I don't really have pictures of the people I chatted with.
ah well.

Oh, we got to wear these masks (just the OneSongWonders la) There were some pretty gorgeous masks to choose from! I love that black handheld one! Class.
Ok so I was guilty of not recognizing a few faces I should have recognized..

like Ash Nair, whom I was told was in M'sian Idol 2 (but I wasn't around that year, so I'm excused!)..
and Moots from PopShuvit..Oh and I finally met Prema the singerchick from A.P.U. face-to-face.I DID recognize HER at least. alas, no pictures despite the somewhat interesting chat we all had. =D

And this is Lainie! Our spoken status of the night was: "We slept together". LOL.

I noted that kakiseni's crew is all about class. really.
ahahaahaha i kid i kid, they were a great bunch!

Hot chick on the right here (totallyyyyy the type that ah-neh-nehs can't resist) has the most perfect set of teeth! Seriously, my eyes were constantly straying to her smile. hahah
And then there's Zal. The Boombox. Love her voice.

Actually I dunno if I'm allowed to post these pictures (even though they're from my cam) before Lainie posts them for kakiseni. heh. I hope she doesn't mind.=p

oh and these two gorgeous shots are from Janet's cam, thanks Janet!


Nick Dorian said...

Hey hey! Never knew you had a blog. Now i do...haha!

PEtriNa said...

You look really good.

Like really, really good.

Eagles' Wings said...

wah, so gorgeous. My goodness.. Look like a real women. Also, so sexy leh.

I am going to the same church with Micah Lee at ICA Bangkok. He told me that both of you attended the same course.