Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The S.E.X. boy is now legal!

SJ, Tammy and I sneaked from behind his apartment when the rest picked him up for some shopping...
We step into an apartment in dire need of a WASH. So after two rounds of sweeping, the washing began!
Time check!

Time check!

Time check! ahahahah
Chant of the night: "All for love...all for love.." Girl Eye For The Bachelor Guy. We turned THIS..... THIS!!
(Yes, we put those pictures up on the wall too)


Some random snaps from the night:
Claudine is so gorgeous, don't you think!

Adrian did Shaun's room door deco. a mini shrine. We should have lit candles around it just for a shrine photo!

Birthday boy looking a bit overwhelmed, sitting quietly with his BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE.

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