Tuesday, December 27, 2005

This shall be in white font for Nelvie's sake.

Can you believe it got stolen?? I mean, the whole reason I never changed my Nokia 3315 [!!] is so that it would not get stolen since it IS terribly ancient and boring. Besides, I actually liked it too! The buttons were nice to use. Lol. But NOOooo, apparently someone thought it would be cool to take it away and cause me temporary hysteria. ANYWAY, to cut this short, my aunt gave me her old mobile AND a new simcard. It's...errr...I don't know what model, but it is definitely not as old as my 3315, haha. *blink* Sarah can't make it to Bangkok.I can't imagine how potong it must be for her! It's okay my darling, you come in June, kay? And we shall have a blast then! [especially since i'll probably know more ECB ppl by then] So since she can't come, and south Thailand is flooding, I am taking her place in the flight to Bangkok on 3rd Jan,instead of the original plan to get back before NewYear's. Which is good. Yay! *happy happy joy joy* [haha,picked that up from Eirene, who, btw sarah, I think I saw at Acts' Christmas play on Sunday but wasn't sure]. Can't wait to put all our pics in here!hehehe. Blessed Christmas and New Year, y'all. I have lots to fix and start and restart this 2006. It's gonna be a great year. *breathe*


Molecule said...

Is priscilla (randomshades) ok?

*jonified* said...

say what??