Friday, November 10, 2006


I like Sharon. She is one power chick. She's from KUCHING,my homietown *wannabe pose*. A lot of times, she speaks and my mind says, "wah. one day really soon,this chick is gonna bring the house DOWN!" You go, SHARONNNNNNN!*liCk*

I love my cousins, they are just BABElicious! LOOK AT THEM! We should've had more outings this time 'round, gotta come to bangkok sometime,promise me!! LOVE u! be continued.


PEtriNa said...

The cousin next to you is damn chun..

and rather familiar. have i seen any picture of her before?

Confirm when you all go out... all the Indian men in the world stare at you chics right?

*jonified* said...

lol. she is the one who was in ICOM, lah.