Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I'm off, will you miss me?

Well, here I am blogging at 5:02am. I leave for the bus station in 42mins. I feel sleepy.

I can't believe it's been pretty much FIVE months that I've been back here.

How did that happen so quickly?! No WONDER I feel so strangely attached to Malaysia again.

I will miss Bernice and Eunice. And ALL THE GRACE USJ KIDS. [alahh,dont lah terasa i call u kids, senang untuk i je lah]*puts on best rempit voice*

My OMGsarah, Petrina Thong, ArielleTaiImSoProudOfUForBeingBrave. I love you three, with most of my heart. EVEN IF sometimes things dont click well. love me too?

I will miss the randomities like zac joash nelvie kristy chern paultantk and wid.

I will miss you.


i WOULD link all names mentioned above, but im so sleepy and im leaving like.....now.

Here's to the past five months.

Bangkok, here I come again.


Paul Tan said...


Anonymous said...

You KNOW i will miss you too, Joni dearest.

Bern_bern said...

Missing you lots already.. Now that Tammy just had a hair cut....my my...she makes me miss you even more!heheheh:) so alike. YOu are very dear to all of us.. So take gud care of yourself and stay in one piece ya! LoVe

tAmMy said...

BERNICEEE!!!I TOLD U SHE WOULD FREAK OUT COZ' MY MOM FORCEDDD ME TO HAVE THAT HAIRCUT!seriosuly joni,mom literally FORCED ME!!gosh....i need freedom...