Sunday, July 31, 2005


"Floppies are ancient",they yell at me. Well, ppl, i got news for ya. Floppy drives in KEYBOARDs aren't. Data is put into floppies on lots of keyboards, gimme a break.
The crowd today was incredible. We had been invited to play for the last night of a combined church camp, where it was mostly Presbyterian,as I found out later. Apparently they were under the impression that our band was the best in the district of Chiang Rai. haha. We practiced all of 3hours, I think. But there we were, white tops black slacks, ready to storm the place up. The people,however, took me by surprise. You'd think Presbyterian=quieter. nuh uh. This bunch was LOUD. and active. It was fun, altogether. I haven't had that much fun playing in a band for a loooong time.
Other than that, the plan is to go to bangkok with dad or the whole family next week or the following. Just to get a place to stay, and settle those things first. I will come back up again I think, depending on what accomodation we find for me. If it's someone we sorta know through connections, then I'll go back to bangkok later, if it's some stranger house thingamie, then I'll probably need to move out earlier to figure my way around bangkok myself. My own plan to go there earlier to get myself acquainted with life there doesn't seem to materialize due to certain circumstances.sigh. ah well, we'll just have to wait and see what comes of all this. Seems pretty slowmoving, as is all of Chiang Rai. I have been a-shoppin'.haha. yep, oh and for those who are not aware, joni hardly shops. oh but it's been good!hahaha..
I want to start like a different section on this blog thingie. Like, a place to talk about other stuff. how do i do that,pls?

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*tite* said...

just kidding bout the i said before,i too am using floppies for my computer programming.all of a sudden,they're invaluable.see you.take care.