Saturday, July 23, 2005

3 days and a sleepless child

First we went to the thai-myanmar border. The attraction for me on the Myanmar side is basically the quality pirated discs. I mean, these people go through LENGTHS to get cds to look real! Leaflet,lyrics,cover and all. It's awesome. And all that work for the same price as what we get them for back home. You know, when I get something of m'sian piracy quality, it's no more than RM2, I kid you not. ANYWAY, amongst others, we've gone to the elephant farm [where the stench could replace ammonia anytime], and the Golden Triangle [whoopeedoo] , and oh,we visited the Palong LongNeck tribe. I didn't like that at all. It felt totally wrong and inconsiderate. What you do is you pay THB150, to see a bunch of people. How sick is this world getting. I felt awful when we got to the longnecked girls. It's plain.....i don't even know the word for just DON'T pay to watch people!! I'm glad Matt feels the same way. Matthew John. What a relief to discover him. It made being in this small town just that bit better. Description, I hear you beg. Hahaha.. sorry,Matt, I have to :D I'll keep it simple. Realistic,bold,entertaining,charming. All very flattering,eh Matt. And to think I'd assumed my days in 'silly little Chiang Rai' would pass uneventfully. Oh, the joy on my face when I was told Veronica would be here too! Veronica. Thai-Italian,perky,sanguine-to-the-core. I met her a coupla years back and we had one BLAST of a month,didn't we? What with swimsuits flying off and the tanning planning. Lol.
So am I doing good? oh YEAH. I'm good.

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