Monday, July 25, 2005

to complain?

Not even a week here and I've already been assigned three jobs. To teach piano "voluntarily" [translated free], to teach piano with pay, and to play for seminar in another town.whoa. But so far it sounds alright. I started today with a lady who plays keyboard sometimes for the thai service.And I realized..I've forgotten a lot of Thai vocab. What a horrid revelation. Anyway, I've also gotten myself a Thai line,so my phone is activated again.yay.It's a strange feeling right now,these few I'm holidaying,and yet,not.Like I should be doing something,and yet I know not what. Hey, it's kinda fun talking like this. lol. But whatever it is, I'm sure I'm a-gonna have my fun while I'm here. I do declare. *with flare*

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