Thursday, August 04, 2005

That's it??

Ok.I've just about done/seen/gone to/eaten everything you could possibly do/see/go to/eat in this town. And I've gotten bored. And it's gonna get to a dangerous level if I don't fix it soon. See, boredom leads to reminiscing, which means I'll start to get nostalgic, and ...yeah,you know. I like this pic for some reason. Ronnie rocks. I have no idea what we were doing, but it's a happyhappy random pic,eh? And it has essential memoric [??] details like the Starlight Cinema waterbottle. And the Hershey's choc sauce!!(it's there,look closely) lol... I do appreciate crazy fun friends like the ComeBackKings..cheh,promo for free,weii.. Oh ya, another thing about the pic. I miss my hair that way. I dyed it but as usual tak jadi. And the new cut is like Simba-meets-hair iron.Which is not good, in case you were wondering. But I'll be innovative 'til it grows out. I was dared to shave bald by two people. Was really considering it too, but then I thought of the trouble of growing it back again after I was through. That part isn't too appealing, so...sorry Jer&Rish..guess I won't do it after all...Oh no. I'm supposed to speak distinguished English in here, I forgot. Yeah, I'd planned to spell well, and type in good English in my blog, just for the fun of it. Besides, I figured I'd not done any of my required essays when I was homeschooling, so I probably suck at writing and this would ground?*sheepish look* Anyway, I'll try to be proper-er. *blink* If that's possible. And hey, no one's yet told me if I can put a different section for other topics, and I'm really too illiterate to figure it out myself, so pleease help. *big eyed blink* [to those it will work on] and *genuine begging look* [ for those on whom the puppydog technique wouldn't work].

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KwazEe V3e said...

i love dis post... its so... purple!! puhpel puhpel puhpel!!! eh, post a pic of ur new hairstyle =D