Friday, August 26, 2005


And she arrived in Bangkok, city of smells, buses, underground trains, overground trains, motorbike taxis, and glorious heat. This is gonna be long - brace yerself. Mere hours before I left Chiang Rai, I'm told that the room I was supposed to stay in was given to someone else, reason being they thought I was coming the week before and when I didn't, they figured I wasn't coming at all. So they offer me another room, but it's on the third floor a.k.a. rooftop. The rooms are glass-doored, glass-windowed, and almost 40degrees celsius midday. No air-condition. It's so not funny. But I've survived today, the first official day alone in Bangkok. My room's a good size, if anything. And I spent the entire day in this room [and watched the thermometer go up,too] cleaning up, and taking out my stuff and rearranging the cupboards and shelves and keyboard ,etc. It was fun, though, despite the heat. I try to forget the fact that the bathroom is on the first floor. And everytime I forget something on the way up, I have to go down and up AGAIN. At least there's a kitchen with all the things you need, like a fridge and toaster. hehe. [for the blur, I didn't have a fridge or anything in USJ] ANYWAY, overall, the change is bearable. I do see some privileges of living in this big building. The people who live here are nice to me, very friendly, very family. I have yet to meet the Sunday service congregation and the band that plays. I got a glimpse of the drummer,though- he had Guy Sebastian hair..haha. It's gonna an interesting Sunday, I predict. I'm excited about college. I have absolutely no clue what to expect but nevertheless, I'll take the ride, thank you. Oh, there's a chance that I may have a room available to me which is 15mins walking distance from college! Minor issue : red light district. But nothing's confirmed, it's just talk right now. We'll see. But think now, wouldn't it be DARN interesting if I were to move there. *chuckle*
DO write when you can. Here's to life in Bangkok. *clink*

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