Thursday, September 01, 2005

Three moves in one month!

Yup. I moved to the red light district. It's my fifth day here. The room is enormous, attached bathroom with bathtub and heater.Air-conditioned. TV. Sofa sets. Lovely orange lights all over the room. I am so blessed a.k.a. spoilt. I love it. I went to ECB [Evangelical Church of Bangkok] last Sunday. It's an English service with people from all over the world. Worship was....a lil strange. But maybe I came on a bad week.hehe. [Trying to be optimistic here] I also went to YWAM's youth service with my friend Seth. oh right. Seth. Cambodian, 21, involved with YWAM, guitarist, bassist, singer [and great one,too], can play keyboards, is pretty amusing, and allround nice guy. Generally. ehheaehehe. Yep. Aren't I being a darling, Seth? 2points for me,yes? *grin* Anyway, life in Sukhumvit Soi 4 so far is good. It's kinda funny coz when I look out my window each night, I see the word SIN on a huge lit signage.It's a club or pub or something. And the whole street is full of them..and worse things. AH WELL. Orientation is on the 5th of Sept. I'm excited but anxiety has settled in too. I guess it's only now hitting me. Been filling my remaining free days with activities and going 'round Bangkok. PET,SARAH,ARIELLE, you HAAAVVVVVE to come QUICKKKK!!! I'm serious.SERIOUS gila.

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