Saturday, September 17, 2005

Umbrella-man and headphones

I was just walking home after class. It was raining. He just came under the umbrella while we walked across the road and asked if I minded. I didn't really, but...I dunno. I mean, he was like, what, almost 40?? So then he asks where I'm headed and yada yada yada. What I study, why my English is so good, how old are you and do you know Texas University? I was wary of it all, giving just short answers and walking briskly. Anyway, in the end when I'd reached my destination, he asked me to dinner. yup. Dinner. I could've gagged right there. Then when I said no, he's like Why? "Coz I don't do that kinda stuff". But it's just dinner. I promise, just dinner. EEWW. Do you realize what that meant?? I mean, remember what my street is, and put two and two together and the response is EEW. Double EEW. Ah well, it was an experience. haha.
I almost had enough to get the digital camera. I was THAT close to owning one. Then Max says we need personal headphones. That should cost about RM600-800. Awesome. So today was spent hunting for headphones, passing by all these camera shops, internally and majorly sulking. So I gotta start all over again with saving for that camera. The drama queen in me wants to eat Reese's to my heart's content and scream WHYYYYyyyyyy????!!!! Here comes that I-wanna-be-rich thing again. sigh. I will survive. Because apart from that, it's all been good. Real good. College is tough but bearable. Life in general is going smoothly without too many rocks.

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