Friday, September 30, 2005

[4th January 2003]

I don’t wanna know how it’s gonna be tomorrow
But it feels like the rain is gonna pour
I could use a lil’ time to get the thoughts in my head straight
But I think it’s just a lil’ too late, a lil’ too late

Stop the world, I think I wanna get off here
I fear I won’t be able to pick myself up
When I’m pushed and struck down
I don’t wanna be left here to stand on my own
Didn’t think I was ready. Am I ready?
To face the world and those eyes that scare me
Can you cry?
Do you know what I’m feeling inside?
Could you try to understand why my pain is so real
Why my mind’s so unstill
Can you hear?

Tell me I will survive this thing
Let me know that somehow you’ll always be near
Insanity’s just a few hours away
But tell me I, tell me I won’t be going that way

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