Wednesday, September 21, 2005

There. I did it. Polite applause please.

I got 80% on both tests. *jigs around in peejays* I was so nervous about today's test on computers, my hands were literally shaking. But all's well. We moved on to "Decibels". Not much happened apart from that today. Oh, I decided I neededa reward for my first college test scores. Yes, yes, I can hear y'all laughing, and yes they were just minor tests, but HEY, it's hard for me,okayyyy...*pout* The pressure of being the only girl in class. Think about that-seriously. And not to mention, the tiniest. Arielle Arielle, wherefore are thou when I needeth thee? *cliche not intended* Oh, I got to chat with Ronnie! hehehe, finally la! Ronnie rocks more than ladies' smocks. I like this picture better now, Seth. *grin*

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