Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I'm repeating part of Pet's blogpost. It applies to me too. I realized I socialize much easier when I'm alone. Or with Pet. I dunno why, but it just is. For some strange reason, I feel uncomfortable making new friends when I have friends around. Even if it's just one other person. Weird.
Seth leaves for Chiang Rai this Sunday for a month. I'm guessing I'm gonna be lonely. Hope this will be my chance to break out and be friendlier to the youth at church. Haven't exactly been attempting to get to know any of them.*guilty look* okay okay, I'll try. I get the feeling I'm not gonna fit in too well, but at least give it a shot, right? Right. So I will. and we'll see what happens. Oh, Sarah, btw, Richesse yoghurt with prune is lovely. Really. kahekhekahekheakehakea. Go try it.

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