Monday, September 05, 2005

And so it begins.

"Gum?" said the kid next to me who seems to think he's all that. I'd just plonked myself on the nearest seat after arriving LATE to the orientation. Why is that,you ask? Coz the lecturer had told me to come at 6.30pm but apparently they changed the time without letting me know and at 2.45pm while I'm out SHOPPING with Veronica, I get a "where-are-you-we've-started-at-2.30" call. NOT funny. What a first impression I must have made.And in my slippers too! ahhahahahaha. ah well. Life goes on and the first day of class commenced yesterday. It was alright. Still pretty much an introduction to what's ahead. I have a drum recording project in November, so I plan to ship Darren in to help.hehe. Don't wanna use the two Thai classmates who claim they play drums, until they prove themselves worthy. eek. Am I being mean? 'Course I am. Anyway, class times have been changed to 5.30-9pm,Mondays-Thursdays. Which is...okay, I guess. I mean, at least my Fridays are free.For now. I miss my girlfriends.Real BAD. I wanna wave my wandand make them appear here. I wanna show my classmates how hot my bestfriends are. Just coz. I wanna be able to turn three times 'round, snap my fingers and sing laliloo and see that they're right there standing and laughing with me on the skytrain on our way to one of the zillion malls. I wanna be rich and ship them all here to stay with me for a month. *huge sigh* eeheheh..I miss Rishaad too. and Ronnie. *hug*


Anonymous said...

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*Sarah* said...

how come you get compliments about your blog by anonymous people and i don't? you'd better link me. lol.. just kiddin. girl i miss you heaps too! and arielle actually. really hope the bangko plan works out. keep updating yourself with my blog k. i'm trynna improve writing skills too so CONSTRUCTIVE critism helps. sorry haven't gotten aroudn to buying youy top up card. love you chicka!

D-Chisel said...

Well, girl.... I don't know what to say to ya except that I miss you and hoping to see you soon. And do tell your friends more about moi. It's too obvious! Hehe, JK.