Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Lambda=speed of sound/frequency

Confusion galore. Most times in class so far, I've been clueless. Not entirely nice feeling but I'm surviving. Homeschooling got me accustomed to reading the work myself and taking time to grasp things. Thankfully, Max [my lecturer], understands and is very helpful. He's cool. The nationalities in the class are amazing. British, German, Mongolian, Dutch, Malaysian, Thai, Irish, American,Sri Lanka and the mixed up ones like me. It's fun. And we're a terribly curious bunch too. We keep interrupting Max and asking a gazillion questions.haha. Anyway, classes and lessons have been a lil tough, but I'm determined to do my best. *crossed fingers and toes* Oh, and NO, I'm not the youngest in the class *phew*.
Apart from school,.... um,well. This IS after all MY blog and I shouldn't care who else reads this...right?Right. [trying to convince myself here..hahahehhaehea] So, yeah. I guess Joni is tryingto loosen up a lil in a specific area she's tried to neglect for years. Translation? I'm sorta going out with someone....yeah. And I hear the gasps from Malaysia loud and clear. Well, as you all know, I'm totally blur and absolutely stupid about the whole thing. But I'll learn. Eventually. But on the other side, I am having lots of fun. Confusion aside, of course.haha. I've learnt quite a few things already, including things't [ Again, I can see eyebrows raised from all the way here..aekahekeahekaheka] Ah well. I still have a looooonng way to go. I'll have to learn 'em all one step at a time. Or two. lol. I'm absolutely scared but I'm trying hard to grasp the entire thing. At some points, the confusion makes me wish I'd learnt earlier. But the wheel still turns and I just go on ahead. Looking back too often hurts the neck,don't it? Ah well. I've had a BLAST and I hope to goodness it stays this way.*looks up* Pretty please?

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Arielle said...

It's me Arie and I am disoriented as I have been awake for 19 hours woot and my back is sore and I think my eyeballs just may roll out my sockets although I assure you I won't be saying TA DAH! afterwards. Ooh look at me and my html-ey self.
Who is your boy and when can I meet him? Mmm nutella.