Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Verdict.

Ok fine, so the place wasn't that bad. In fact, it was pretty interesting. And huge. And clean. And safe. And...arghhh. It had TWO pianos. I wish I hadn't wished to find a fault in it because we did. Remember the 40mins travelling info? As I predicted, wrong. Mom and I first walked out a 'lil to the main road, took a bus to the underground train [MRT, I think it's called], took the MRT to the station where it connects to the BTS [their version of LRT], then took the BTS to the nearest station to college. And no, it doesn't stop there. We still had to walk quite a bit before we actually got to school. All in all? An hour. This is apparently the fastest route. Or any other route would take just as long, except maybe if I drove myself/was driven to school OR rode the motorbike. Ah yes. Anyone heard of public motorbikes? Well, Bangkok is sufficient in this mode of transport which as I have seen, could very well be the fastest way to get around especially during rush hour. The prim and proper would never consider it, I suppose. But I'm not prim nor proper [akhekhekaheke *snort*] , and when we found ourselves in MoChit 1 instead of MoChit 2, and the jam could no way be described as even trudging, we took a motorbike. Both of us on one. The guy claimed it was okay. So there we were clinging on for dear life as he swerved through the cars and OH YEAH, rain, and puddles and muddles. An experience.
So bottom line is that I will probably stay at the church. The room I'll get is a nice size.I have a choice of air-conditioned or non. I will have a full kitchen to utilize. I will have a washing machine [praise be] . I will assume I will have the pianos to play at will :P The only fault, really, is the travelling to school everyday. I'll psycho myself into thinking it's a small matter. Life can't possibly be ALL fine and dandy now,can it?hehe..
I got me a denim skirt. FINALLY. It's almost perfect. I'm happy.*yawn* I need some rest now. *wave*

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