Sunday, June 03, 2007

Chatbox Censored.Youtube Censored. What else lah aiyoh.

So you all know they censored Youtube here in Thailand right? Yeah. And then I discovered that in some places, even my blog's CHATBOX is censored? I lack the courage to voice out my thoughts on the um, government here. People get jailed/banned/dismissed/beat-up here for voicing out opposing thoughts.

You know how they say 'who you hang out with influences your character' (or something like that lah)..well, what about the things you read. I mean, let's say I read this magazine about the latest music technology and they write their reviews as realistically as possible, whether it be praise or downright disgust. Will I in turn learn to "review" other products that I see in a shop in that same way? Does one pick up and practice another person's way of thinking just by constant reading of the other's writing?

Extremely random thought: Does anyone remember Shon Leong? Where is he ar??


Petrina said...

Shon Leong is studying in the UK. hahaha... He is still damn cute. I saw him at KLIA airport when sending Julian off, i think. Sending someone off la. But yah, still hot. hehehehe...

*SarahLim* said...

YES. that happens. being influenced by what you feed yourself with. reading, time with people, watching tv, listening.. anything. it affects the way u behave.