Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Carter's Party

This is Carter Quinley, one of the graduates. She had a party at her house, hence more pictures.=) Carter is really sweet, always has a nice thing to say about & to you.I love this picture!! Her parents had put pictures of Carter-growing-up all over the hall.
Here's a lil tree and there's Carter as she is now. Love it. Eva Newsham is another DARLING! Always smiley, a happyhappyjoy soul.
We all had a kissy-pouty fit. EVERYBODY seemed to be doing it.lol. especially Lucia.=D
Lucia & Kristina my lover when Shannon's not lookingBethany, Lucia, and Eva in the background being Eva.
Bethany, Joni jumping on the wagon, Lucia.Lucia, Kristina, Johnjohn looking like he's asking for a kiss, and MICAH ahahhahahahha!!!!
Seeing Micah doing it is hilarious coz he's usually so reserved.lolEva, Lucia goodgrief, Shannonand then another surprise, Senior Pastor John Teschan joining the trend!!=DAssistant Pastor John Eckrote, too!We kinda stuck around at the Quinley's the whole day (it was Open House), so some started entertaining themselves..Eva: "No wait lemme finish my cake first! argh, ok fine!"
Have you noticed how my white sunnies are more popular than I am in these pictures? sheesh.Tickle Squad. JohnJohn is a common victim, poor fella. HAHAA i love bethany's face here. She looks like a dolphin giving birth or somethin'.
And look at my sexy Kristina's expression. oooh *lick*Something fishy about Ps.Matt?Jon Walton, KristinaThe TalleysMomo, Kris, Amy Walton

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