Tuesday, June 12, 2007

a whole lot of pictures - Seniors' Banquet Pt.II & afterparty

Jordan is such a rose. uh huh.Cheeky lil Seniors.
Jean-Charles (JC) and Joshua Walton apparently think they're oh-so-cute..
btw, these were THE shades of the night, hhaha.
Micah B. and Dawn Mekunwattana
He plays bass/cello, she sings.
Tak Onishi being fixed by JohnJohn, while JC watches amused.
Tak is Japanese, JC is French-Thai, JJ is American.Kristina my lover when Shannon isn't looking , Momo, Shannon, AmyRachel Newsham, Jenny, Shannon I.
Rachel is American but lives in China/L.A./Bangkok.
Jenny's sense of style makes us envious.
Shannon's hair colour is a topic in itself.
Bernd Friedrich (as German as you can get), Micah Beckwith (cello&bass phenomenon), Jordan Dieselberg (excellent artist, i just discovered), Josh Chipman (Most Outstanding Senior 2007), JohnJohn (well, now.oh yea he drums. ;p)
Oh I sang two and a half songs. A solo, duet, and trio. lol..Amy Walton and Bethany AlbertJoshua Chipman is so pretty.Ending the official night with random songs.The After-Party.
So someone suggested Karaoke and we all headed to Big Echo and got a large room to ourselves.
As you can see, some of us reeeallly got into it. It was pretty crazy!The girls doing "neeearrr, farrrrrr, whereEEEEVEERRR you areeeee"..of course, Josh W. had his own version going on in front of the tv to block the soft-porn onscreen. hahahahahaha!
[note: see the hands on the left corner desperately trying to change the song?that's Naomi]=DShannon has trouble talking without her hands.This coulda been "Barbie Girl" or "My Humps"..and there's Naomi trying to change songs again. lol. good times.


PEtriNa said...

I LOVE this set of shots! So fun lerrrrr...

But i'm glad you enjoyed yourself. heheh...

Dawn said...

lol - I miss those days =)

You forgot that Micah drums too XD haha =) Or I'm sure you didn't forget, you just didn't mention it =)

Shannon said...

WHAT was going on with you and Kristina! I feel so betrayed. Psh.

These brought back such good memories. :) Thanks for this!

John Q III said...

Good times all around.

ECB youth can really get down and boogy.