Monday, June 04, 2007

Senior Banquet

Friday we had this Senior's Banquet at the Royal Benja Hotel. Basically, all the high school graduates from my Bangkok church, ECB having a nice little dinner. It had the usual criteria of banquets - baby pictures, slideshows, teary eyed parents, a few performances, good dinner, oohahh-ing at dresses, photography & cam-whoring (two diff categories, although i must say we may have merged the borders into one,hehe)..

I sang two /three songs. One was a duet with Lucia the girl I'm staying with. I wrote the song specifically for the banquet and thankfully, they seem to have loved it. A dad cried. (still amused by this fact)

The second song was a solo, a cover song - Rachael Lampa's 'Blessed'. Extremely tricky, this one. I'm still not sure if I hit the notes right, it all went by so fast. haha -_-

But I think we succeeded with 'This Far', the duet. I always said personalization is the best - everyone can appreciate it.
So you want pictures eh? I promise I'll put them up as soon as I get them. Can't figure out how to save pictures with the Mac mouse. sheesh.

More updates SOON!!!xoxo
p.s. oh ya, the Jesudasans were here on holiday and we spent half a day together.

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Petrina said...

*AHEM* More pictures, please.