Saturday, June 23, 2007

Observation of the Day.

I saw a couple in Starbucks today. The CollegeGirl had a little-girl face - cute, fair, baby-like. Then she started sulking at her boyfriend - the bubbly, cheeky little-boyish type. But it was a fake sulk. Y'know, the kind where you push him away when he tries to muzzle you, or you give him the cold-shoulder but really, everyone can see you're loving the attention.

I mean, yeah I guess all that is fine for a while. And by 'awhile', I mean 15seconds - at most. After that, one should snap out of it and either a. tell him to seriously stop it, or b.bask in his attention and reciprocate, or c. get a room. Seriously, nobody wants to see all that drama in public. It makes the single ones nauseous, the couples embarrassed, and the adults upset when their kids start gaping.

Anyway, CollegeGirl continues her 'cuteness' every now and then, with a quick mushy-session after 'fighting' TheBF off for a while. Did I mention she uses a really girlycutecute voice? And that all this is going on in front of another girl-friend who is seated in front of them?

I'm just relating this because the drama has been going on in front of me for the past 4hours here. Ngh. Now TheBF has left and she seems like a normal college student working on assignments.

Maybe they've only been together for a week.
Or maybe the OtherGirl was his ex-ex-twice-removed, making her the ever-insecure-kitty who needs to be manja-ed.

Or maybe the writer is just a tad jealous that despite the drama, it's
CollegeGirl who has the bf and attention.

Wait, what?


Jianz said...

I cant imagine the scene... you should have video it! Haha.. wanna demonstrate?

Zac said...

man, i live for shit like this to happen, can you imagine what i'll say if i saw that happening in front of me, as a matter of fact, i'm not sure if i know what i'll do...most likely i'd stare at awe...