Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Senior's Banquet Pictures Pt.1

The Graduates
L-R: Rachel Newsham, Dawn M., Shannon, Carter, Fon, Josh Chipman, Amy Walton, Momo Onishi, Micah Beckwith
The Quinley's are one of the sweetest families I've ever come across.
L-R: Caleb, Mr.&Mrs.Quinley, Carter, Coleman, JohnJohnJohn Hurley Quinley the III
Beautiful Carter Quinley
The After-Party - KARAOKE!!! hahahah 2nd time in my life. We went crazy, as you can tell..
L-R: Tak Onishi, Richard Wise, Josh Chipman, Josh Walton
Ps. MATTHEW TALLEY (was a pro boxer)!
Carter Kae Quinley and Joshua Robert Walton who shouldn't have shaved his head!
Carter, Momo Onishi, Dawn Mekunwattana.
If you look reeeeal close, you can see a strip of white hair on Momo's fringe - it's NATURAL. syiokness.
Carter (haha, I took these pictures from Carter's facebook, obviously) and AMY WALTON who looks absolutely GORGEOUS in this picture!!

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